Well fear is happening to bitcoin again,
but we cant rely of mass fears because of
feds hike plan, were going to the numbers
from 2015-2019 fed hikes.

during 2019 btc start to crash when
fed hike reach 1.5 and later that year 2019
feds hike was 2.5 around december.

right now were at 0 rates and next rates is on
march 16, 2022 and it will be 0.25 rates during
2016 when rates was 0.25 btc just starting to rise
if we use those numbers 025 rates then today btc
can still push high mark on 100k-125k btc price.
since next rate hike is on june 2022 and it possbile
were still at below 0.9 rate hike and we try to use
2017 data again were rates was below 1, btc still
going high, if were right then once rates reach 1-1.5
then we should be cautions on long positions.

additional numbers im not sure about this but
the rate hikes plan this 2022 is 0.9 then btc
can still go high with this rate hikes.

over all im cautions and shorterm bull,
100k would be ineviteble for BTC .