this is where u win on cheep swaps

this is where u win on cheep swaps

My original call was 33eth 40 to 44 k btc

I started to re take a small position via scalp on zks when the market started dumping. There was a slight delay so I was able to scramble and get out at almost same price as just bought minus a few bucks for swap fees.

truly believe this year will be all about the layer 2 eco system and cross chain compatibility with some cool fiat on n off ramp projects to boot. ie these different web 3s new internets blockchains whatever need to be able to interact with one another. for alts Im looking to slowly start accumulating (some of this will depend on what platforms I trade) as ya all know big on ZKS then DOT COSMOS some ALGORAND SOL MATIC SUSHI UNI SNX CRO VGX ETH ETH ETH ETH BTC BTC

R3S0uRC3’s ://
General crypto Market info_

news aggregator/crypto news feed n more_

Crypto and BlockChain Learning n Info tools/ Free_………

GIF making tools _free ( that first GIF link Is da One…)……

all things crypto market announcements etc calendar_

wallet tracker_

Eth wei_gas tracker_

dex’s we use: (formaly ZKSwap) and otherL2 dexs and all things “d33p in the w00ds” crypto

MUST G0’s_ NFT stats etc deep dive for data data cluster in easy to visualize charts/graphs/etc… older article but