MBOX bottomed

MBOX bottomed

Ok, let’s start this serie of analyses dedicated to metaverse and let’s talk about MBOX . It’s a P2E game backed by your truly Binance, meaning this will do well eventually! Max supply is 1bil and circulating supply is currently 389mil so relatively low as market cap is 461mil . Considering binance backs this project I don’t expect less than 3x from this, even because the game is already working (check this out: https://www.mobox.io/ ).

Let’s talk about TA: I took the Fib retracement using the weekly chart although I’m showing you the daily chart to make it clearer so some line might look like it’s out of place but it isn’t. Price is currently in the best place for a reversal and to be honest it looks like it started the way up already, that yellow trendline shows as price is piercing through it. I’ve been buying the dip during the last days, even considering that BTC could go dip further I don’t think we can go much lower, on the contrary I think price can grow a lot.

You can either DCA your entry or go all in from here, even if we dip I don’t expect price to go below -20% in the WORST case scenario before going up again much more.

Good luck.


follow me, I’ll be posting new metaverse picks soon and even on twitter (nick: @shotokhan1 ) where I post screenshots of coins/tokens that aren’t on tradingView