a new normal?

a new normal?

LRC has recently had a 400% move!

(partially thanks to leaked news about a partnership with gamestop to release a line of NFT’s.)
As we’ve said in the past the tech is there.

Things to look out for:
– Loop can potentially have another pump in the near future but a much healthier option is for LRC to adjust to being evaluated at over $1. It’s likely that the price will be channel driven horizontally for a few weeks.

LRC has yet to have a daily close above $1.50.

– LRC’s highest weekly close is $1.335, we can potentially close above this and put in a new ATH weekly bar close.

– If the GME + LRC news was only a leak, imagine what the craze would be like once the official news is out. LRC is a smaller project that is yet to even put in a new ATH (prior = 2.50 – 2.85 /depending on the exchange) which the majority of established projects have already done this cycle. Sticking with my previous price predictions of $6 – $8 for now.

I’m feeling bullish 😉