Raven Coin Halving and the greatest LONG of your life!

Raven Coin Halving and the greatest LONG of your life!

Ravencoin first came into public just over this time last year. I remember I had just got into trading crypto a few months early and people were stocked talking about RVN
The fact that it was a bitcoin fork with no premine was a big deal… here was another chance to buy bitcoin early by buying RVN, and it was completely open to the public from day one, no developers keep huge chunks of the supply.
Also RVN was ASIC resistant, which means the gpu cpu miners, common folk like us, wou8ld always be the ones mining, not the big boys taking over.

So now it’s almost 4 years from our first Halving event! Where block rewards will be cut in half. So the first major deflationary move takes place.
When this happened in 2013 Bitcoin went nutty, and every halving since.

ALSO! ETH is switching to POS here in the next couple months. Which means a lot of miners are switching over to RVN.
A big ETH upgrade in August caused the first migration and there’s expected to be a lot more in the next couple months as we approach ETH2

Also this coin isn’t even on Coinbase yet!!! And they will for sure be adding it soon. Coinbase is out to make as much profit as possible, so they love timing releases of certain coins with in conjunction of a rally.
They know RVN’s halving will trigger a big rally and they will want in on that trading volume , and it’s perfect for them to do a end of year release right in time for the halving.

Lastly, we have this gorgeous flag that we are coming to the point of and breakout is looking to happen any day now.

All the fundamental and technical analysis for this coin looks fantastic and I believe you should get in now.
But maybe save some of your investment to add if we get one last dip down to the bottom of this flag. One more BTC pull back might cause a quick dip to 0.11 cent area.

My targets? It’s marker cap is currently at 1.2B sitting at 90th place. If it shoots up into the 20th place we will see it over a Dollar. A 10X seems doable
1) Previous ATH: 0.27/0.28

2) Fiftyy Cents~!3

3) and 1 dollar. Which I honestly think it’s going to hit. But sell some on the way uupto secure those profits. a