Prosper targets 2021-2022

Prosper targets 2021-2022

We can already see some coins pumping
Just keep HODL your bags
Coins have their own pump -cycles
To adventure into crazy pumps may be risky or fatal 🙂


PROSPER is a short-term non-custodial prediction& hedging platform based on the Binance Smart Chain.

Prosper binary predictions technical overview
While we are still preparing for the prediction mining event, we’ve decided to release a few publications on the “dark” side of Prosper, which will allow you to deep into the technical details. Today we will talk a bit about our integration with Chainlink, different approaches to determine the final price and will touch our general vision on upcoming on-chain liquidity aggregation and cross-chain support.

The important thing to add here, is that Prosper’s binary predictions is only a tip of the iceberg and just a way to start our journey. The overall concept of Prosper is some sort of Uniswap for the predictions.