$CRO looking good, but facing major resistance at $0.25.

$CRO looking good, but facing major resistance at $0.25.


As expected, a large amount of $CRO were unstaked (from Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 adopters) and sold during Q3 2021 especially, suppressing price action.

However as we enter Q4 2021, we can see a positive trend developing. Increasing buyers and decreasing sellers.

Assuming that adopters from Q2 2021 have yet to unstake from their 6 month bonding (Q1 2022 onwards only) and a low number of signups occurred during the bearish Q3 2021, then $CRO looks primed for discovering new ATHs again.

However a major level of resistance needs to be cleared first: $0.25.

It’s possible that some unstaked $CRO are waiting to be sold at this level, so I would expect a technical reversal as slight selling pressure will be faced.

We can expect at least a reversal down towards $0.185 to $0.216 (likelier) if this rejection comes to fruition.

However, should price break out of this resistance, then safe to say, the Bulls are back in control — but until we get confirmation, anything is possible.

Until then, happy trading~