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Solana bullish continuation is near!

After an explosive move, Solana has been trading sideways and I believe it is nearing a breakout. It is currently teetering at the upper bound of a descending triangle and if it breaks upwards, I expect a relatively quick pump to new all-time highs. Wait for confirmation with some volume before you make your decision, but I like the setup. I’m eyeing the 1.414 fib line at $84.26.

TP: $84.26 (+15%)

Published trade statistics:

Win Percentage: 7/10= 70%
Avg Gain on Wins: 25%
Avg Loss on Losses: -11%
Weighted Avg P/L % : 14.11%

Pending Trades (including this post): 2

*This is not financial advice.*

– Sultan of Chart