BTC Ramping Up For Weekly Close!

Bitcoins looking very bullish coming to our weekly close tomorrow, we are seeing a month long of higher highs each weekly candle and a very close push to 50K. I previously said in a TA awhile ago i think we would see a 50K BTC before we really see a decent pullback and i honestly switched my view because i didn’t think it was going to playout but now we could be back on track with that prediction, if we do see a pullback i don’t think it will last long buyers will be looking to eat up the dip including me. Plus it would be a very healthy move for our overall structure. None the less though we are still looking insanely bullish on a lot of indicators, first of all the EMA ribbons haven’t flipped bearish on the weekly at all, we had a slight pinch in the ribbons but now we are starting to open back up with bullish momentum, the more we see the ribbons push up and separate the more momentum the bulls have and the market has. The MACD looks very very good we are almost getting a bullish cross, i think we will see it in the next day or so, we ideally want to see a explosion like move from the blue MA, separating away from the orange. We will likely see a very nice run coming up soon due to the fact that we don’t see bull or bear crosses often on the weekly MACD , last time we saw a bearish cross was around the end of april and last time we saw a bullish cross was in OCT 2020! Exciting times in crypto right now we are getting closer and closer to ATH’s and could see a nice resume to our cycle soon enough, even if we do get a pullback i think it would be a healthy one that is needed. Not financial advice just my opinion!