BTC bottom confirmed?

31.5k held nicely as support, and was a level mentioned in many of my previous ideas as a level where we had many confluences.

We bounced off 31.5k, reclaimed weekly, retested it (long entry), reclaimed the VAL and now reclaimed daily open, which is very bullish .
If we hold above those levels, 31.5k has a nice chance of being the bottom of this 55 days-ish correction and BTC will start making its way back up.

Support levels are now : VAL (32,555), weekly at 32,290 (very important)
Resistance : 32.8k (daily), 33.5k (fib + anchored VWAP ), 34-34.2k (old fib), 34.6k (POC)

If we break back below the weekly, this will be a sign of weakness which could invalidate the 31.5k bottom.

Any questions?

Good luck traders
Remember not to break your rules