July 6th 2021 Bitcoin

Hello guys,

Jim Carrey is known for executing a successful habit in a daily basis. In 1985 Jim Carrey used to be a bit part actor he wrote himself a 10 million dollar check and dated it 10 years later. Call it a coincidence, 10 years later in November 1995, he found out he was cast in the movie Dumb and Dumber for — you guessed it — $10 million. I’m a huge believer of the R=VD equation and it has totally changed my life. So what’s this R=VD equation? It is said that if one dreams vividly, there is a high chance of it becoming true, like Jim Carrey.

I’m 1Percent and I will be your companion from now on to achieve the top 1% and share quality information such as investment mindset, strategies, stocks and crypto technical analysis . The power of dreaming is POWERFUL and should not be underestimated. I believe that we are in the Golden age of opportunity with crypto and I will go through this journey with you together .

Now let’s take a look at the Bitcoin chart which could help us look at the general direction of the crypto market.

Using the Elliott wave theory, we’ve recently seen a beautiful bounce from 28808 composed of 5 waves which could either mean that we’re in a trend reversal or a technical bounce. Since we saw a 5-3-5 we are either done with a technical bounce or in our 4th wave before the 5th. We’ve seen a rejection of the blue trend line in the red resistance zone which gives the bears the advantage for now. There are major hurdles for the bulls until we reclaim the weekly high. We will have to see if the key levels hold and if we start breaking 30173 and ultimately 28808 I will be looking much lower.

Again, for those that are looking into getting into swing positions, this is a no trade zone. I personally would wait for a confirmation to the upside or downside after getting out of last week’s range. We’ll get a clearer picture of the bigger picture once we do so.

Stay safe out there and always keep your stop losses if you’re trading.

Keep your dreams real.