It’s my first IDEA on trading view, would like to know what the community thinks, comments are welcome.
I hold some NEXO tokens as its the interest I earn on some crypto I hold for the long term.
I plan to sell this NEXO token for USD when it hits the longer timeframe reversal, I don’t have much experience in crypto but let’s assume it’s subject to supply & demand , I’ve seen it somewhat respects EMAs and RSI on my research and that crypto may create bubbles and are volatile.
I normally don’t trade crypto as it doesn’t have much fundamentals or levels that serve as support and resistance for me but looking to do in the future. (As always risking what i can afford to loose).
Let me know what you think and if technical analysis is good for crypto?

I normally only trade forex and sometimes stocks.
I do not use stop loss, I manually close trades due to the reversals, I operate multiple small lots that will last a few hours, or few days. (RISK MANAGEMENT).
I sometimes scalp or intraday on EMA 10 on 1H OR 4H timeframe.
When going short a higher lot, when going long a smaller lot – every lot operated is examined that wont exceed risking my account, i don’t exceed or use much leverage.
I only enter a trade when RSI is low or high depending on the timeframe I will operate, examining other timeframes – LOW RSI: BUY – HIGH RSI: SELL, always on top of the EMAs never in the middle for 1H 4H 1D or 1W, I may examinate all timeframe before entering and may check correlation or fundamentals.
I have listed all major, minor and emergent forex and choose to operate whichever offers me the best option.
I check the economic calendar for unexpected news.
I TP on EMAs or levels.
RISK MANAGEMENT & PSYCHOLOGY is very important for me, i do not risk want i cant afford to loose.