TA Gave us Signal Before A Big Correction Came in BTCUSD

I know it makes no sense to post regarding Bitcoin Correction.

But I Want You to Focus on the Point That i’m Making that TA Gave us Confirmed Signal Before any crash Happened. Which Tells us that we need only charts To Get the idea About what’s going to happen. All The new Traders who tries learning TA but failed to get any results don’t quit and say TA is just Scam and give random signals like tossing an coin.

Everything takes time and you have to focused to learn what works for you and what not. Put some efforts Try to learn from experts, give quality time to chart screen , make journals ( journals are the best trading book ), Make trading plans and rules and work on them. you will see success coming in.

So basically the chart gave us bearish wolfewave , 1.272 rejection with an doji which is an reversal candle , AB=cd pattern again reversal pattern, Butterfly harmonic pattern .

And finally it touches the line of ww and gave his target.

I hope you all understand the point i’m making here.

good luck,