btc comeback and Rising market of cryptocurrencies

Hello dear friends

Bitcoin is now at a very important level … Fortunately, the pullback did not go to the bottom of the triangle and the downtrend did not continue, and Bitcoin entered the triangle by breaking the resistance ahead and crossed the $ 37,380 resistance, and now in its short-term correction in The price is $ 36,910. If buyers can take back the important $ 37,500 level and stabilize the price above this range, the next targets could be the resistance levels of $ 40 ,000 and $ 42,500, and stabilizing on these important levels will pave the way for BTC to attack the levels Higher resistance and the continuation of the uptrend smooth the process.
All of this is happening at a time when negative fundamentalist news from governments, banks, and celebrities like Elon Mask and Trump is running out, and they are giving up bitcoin . Rest assured that these multiple conversations were due to evil intentions, Mr.Mask and Mr.Trump,please leave the cryptocurrency to itself so that this mysterious market finds its way and continues to grow and evolve … Thank you for your attention and study, dear friends
With respect
vahid lesani