Crypto Market VLOG #31 – BTC triangle broken, will 30k hold?

We have broken down from the symmetrical triangle, odds have been favoring this breakdown. Measured move down from the break is roughly 23.5k

I almost always give a prediction of where I think price is going for the next 24 to 48 hours and today I really cant see anything.

We are off the reservation, broken pattern, we need to wait for structures to form. I can possibly see a 30k retest, things are overall more bearish so odds slightly favor moves down.

But I don’t see anything right now that would influence my trading either way. All you can do is give it a day, see where we are tomorrow.

I do see potential for a descending triangle to develop, but not sure how that pans out as there’s massive wicks in previous price action.

Shoutout to todays trading view ideas = @dRends35, @MarcPMarkets, @TradingShot

=== TimeStamps ===
0:00 = Welcome
0:30 = BTC high time frame
2:55 = BTC 4 hour
5:40 = Potential for descending triangle?
11:05 = LTF prediction
16:30 = No prediction today
16:55 = @MarcPMarkets – 30k hold?
18:55 = @dRends35 – move down incoming
19:30 = Closing words