Bullish on ETH

Looks to me like $ETH will break above $3K and stay there. It is currently undervalued (according to my bull cycle macro trends).

I don’t expect May to have agressive ETH growth as people shift their interests to alts, however 10% growth from here is pretty reasonable. Once the price gets above $3400 as my warning zone but specifically – I expect growth to slow down above $3500. So once price hits $3400 I will be cautious unless and until media/institutional interest starts to spike.

ETC has been growing rapidly as it follows its big brother ETH. Also as new users come into crypto for Bitcoin , they have long bought other Bitcoin named coins (e.g., Bitcoin Cash , Bitcoin Gold , etc.). This is normal human behavior and it has impacted Ethereum through ETC buying. There are not nearly as many similarly named coins for Ethereum as there are for Bitcoin . So I expect ETC to continue to do well. ETC is one of the few coins listed on Robinhood. Keep in mind that the few coins listed on Robinhood are accessible to much wider audience than what is listed on Coinbase.

I’ve been disappointed lately with Coinbase coin listings which more often than not kill the momentum of a coin that has been solidly growing for weeks or months (e.g., ENJ ).

All together, $ETH is a buy and hodl for me.