Creating Lines with Shortcuts

Creating lines on a chart is one of the most fundamental methods of charting when preforming technical analysis . Being able to create these effectively and quickly is a very useful skill to have.

Horizontal, Vertical and Cross lines can all be found on the drawings panel to the left of the chart in the subgroup “Trend Line Tools”. These tools can be added by selecting them from the subgroup and then placing them on the chart.

However, a more efficient method to creating these lines is to utilize the hotkey functions:

Horizontal Line Shortcut:
– Alt+H (PC), or Option+H (MAC)

Cross Line Hotkey:
– Alt+C (PC), or Option+C (MAC)

Vertical Line Hotkey:
– Alt+V (PC), or Option+V (MAC)

Becoming more efficient in your ability to draw lines on your chart will allow for quicker identification of areas of support/resistance and times on your chart.

Be sure to visit our help center to learn more about these tools!

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