ADA/USD April 22 – Down to 1.11, RISK of 1.03 in 2-3 days

BTC continues to flirt with $53k, markets are bearish .

Today expect more downward price action, increasing risk of drop to 1.03 in next 3 days.

Intraday (next 24 hours)
Summary: Continued fall in prices, between 1.18 and 1.11.

3H – Sharp decline in green and white EMA with RSI now below level 50, suggesting new lows. Prices likely between 1.20 and 1.15 early in the day.

6H – RSI did rise above level 50, and LSMA came up, but RSI looks to again drop below level 50. Green and white EMA below level 50, meaning downward momentum. Because most indicators are somewhat flat, prices will likely be down and to the side between 1.20 and 1.15

12H – With the LSMA having crossed below 50 and descending, the B-bands are expanding, allowing price ranges to widen. The green EMA is well below the white EMA , suggesting new lows, while the RSI is low and descending. The suggests new lowes, likely between the lower aqua and orange B-bands, testing the 1.11 fib if 1.15 does not hold

1D – RSI is now below level 50 and descending, indicating downward momentum. However, the green EMA is flat and white EMA is coming back up towards level 50. This, combined with the LSMA still above level 50 on a slow descent suggests that downward price movement is likely limited. A step down to the lower aqua B-band is possible (currently 1.11), but prices may not drop much below that.

Multiday (rest of this week)

Summary: Downward momentum continues, 1.11 likely bottom, but risk of drop to 1.03

2D through 6D all show white EMA below level 50, and in all cases green EMA is below red RSI , showing downward pressure for the next several days.

The new 3D chart has the green EMA well below level 50 now, suggesting prices will stay under the yellow basis line and move towards the lower white B-band, which is at 1.12 currently.

The 4D chart (with 24 hours left) has the green EMA just above level 50 (at 51). If the candle closes in the next 24 hours at/below 50, then it is probable that prices will go to the yellow basis at 1.12

The 5D is the most concerning, with 4 days left. Without a turnaround in prices, the green EMA is getting close to level 50 (currently 55). If the 5D closes with the green EMA below level 50 (when the RSI is below level 80), it is probable that prices would go to the yellow basis, around 1.03 in the next candle.

Longer timeframes are not indicating a deeper drop at this time, but if BTC were to break below $53k and continue down to $49k, it could bring ADA/USD to the $1.00 level.

Good luck and good fortune!