Still waiting for a good re-entry

I am still waiting for a good re-entry, bitcoin is a but slow moving at the moment, I am waiting for the downside movement to fill an order in the buy zone.

If we bounce off the 58000 level, we should hit ATH or get near it as short term momentum is upwards.

Bitcoin is currently ranging and moving sideways, while people move gains into ALTS.

I expect a break to the upside, I am ignoring most “Pattern Trades” for now as they are being invalidated due to the slow movement, low volume . i.e. W patterns or Head and Shoulders etc.

I am relying on momentum swing trades for now, with high probability after a retracement, and bounce near local support levels.

I am staying out of a trade for now to avoid paying funding fees.

I am avoiding shorts as market is in an uptrend.