All alts are mooning, what to buy?! UNISWAP!

Update on my previous UNI review and now on a daily time frame.
In short; UNI has seen a big rally in anticipation for its V3 dex and consolidated from 36,6$ ( ATH ) to 25,3$.
Now, we are in alt mania days and a lot of alts already pumped so you dont wanna chase those, so which one still has a lot of upside potential?
In my opinion this is UNISWAP, why?

MACD just (!) crossed on the daily
RSI is healthy, nowhere near overbought; setting a higher low, aiming for a higher high
– UNISWAP V3 dex is coming at the start of May and the price will rally in anticipation to launch
– its alt mania; all alts are mooning and UNI is still catching up
– In case of a very strong rally we could hit 50$ and gain 60+% against the USD and minimum 25-30% against BTC .

I dont see any reason not be exposed to UNI but ofcourse make your own analysis.
You can check other alt coins that are ready to moon on my profile or with the links below.

IMPORANT: trade or invest at your own risk and research.