Bitcoin from the point of view of a bear

Bitcoin is definitely an interesting asset. Banks are interested, its decentralized, governments is getting into crypto etc. However, from todays standards of crypto it is getting kinda outdated. It is VERY bad for the environment and other crypto like Ripple are more convenient and might take over.

I feel that currently Bitcoin is very overvalued. If you look at the chart it is like 2017/2018 all over again. Now from a technical analysis point of view, Bitcoin SMIO momentum is getting close to 0 while RSI is at 80. This signalises Bitcoin being quite overbought while its momentum is slowing down. This is why im comparing it to 2018. RSI was high and SMIO was moving downwards. However I do not expect a crash as hard as 2018 to happen. I would say 25k would be a realistic price for it to be at.