Bancor Retrace incoming.

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Based on the previous highs and support level . It seems we have reached wave 5 of the uptrend on BNT. After wave 5 there is a consolidation period shown in A, B, C. Good entry around $5.20 or lower if possible. After this, we would get back up to the 1.61 Fib level target marked as so. Do your own research. There is still a lot of upward movement on this considering the Moving Average. Consolidation is good to start our next wave up to $6.50.

If you look at the market cap on Uniswap or Sushiswap this is right in line to trend to hit $21. If you at look at the market cap on BNT: it is 666. million Uniswaps Market cap is 3.5 billion currently. Bancor should be able to reach this market cap. BNT’s all-time high is $10 and should reach this level in the next week or two.

Not financial advice. Invests at your own risk. Do your own research and patience.