Important for any new futures traders!

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Going to keep this simple here.

The price of bitcoin has sky rocketed these past few months. During the spring & summer time a few hundred dollar move in price would be crucial!

Now the price of BTC is lingering around 50,000. Those small movements that where only a few hundred dollars are now thousands.

👉 My point here is that anyone using anything above 5x Leverage is critically risking there portfolio.

💀These shake outs & wicks are future traders death call.

📈 Lets took a look just recently when BTC had closed above its critical resistance level at around 49,400.
Many individuals had purchased or over leveraged thinking price will move up after confirmation. (Bull trap)

On average the price shifted down about 3%. Anyone more then 20x leverage would have for sure gotten a margin call or suffered liquidation.


My point is price is too high for individuals to think that over leveraging will yield them higher returns.
Trade futures with risk management and the correct way.
The reasons exchanges offer up to 100x leverage is so they can make money.