VGX Trending Down. Still a long hold though.

I’m curious how fast the Voyager Platform is letting people in from their waitlist? They definitely benefitted from the exodus of traders from other retail platforms, but we’re in a slow declining pattern at the moment. I halved my holdings to take advantage of faster growing coins.

Here’s why I like VGX long term though.
Personally, I find Voyager to be one of the fastest / easiest crypto exchanges available so I’m staying on their platform… especially to enjoy the interest payouts for holding coin (5% on BTC and 8.5% on USDC!). They are building in extra incentives for those who hold VGX as well.

After some signup issues / crashing from a user signup hug of death, the CEO has been completely open about the issues and solving the challenges. He even visited one of my favorite crypto youtube channels:…