ONT – One of the best risk setups out there!

Ontology is peaking out of the downtrend that it has been in since September of 2018 roughly.

It is above the cloud on the daily.

The fibs show lots of possibilities. The Bitcoin side of Ontology HASN’T. EVEN. STARTED. YET.

HUGE ADAM AND EVE DOUBLE BOTTOM! In fact, I could see a HUGE inverse head and shoulders developing for this potentially – if the adam and eve double bottom isn’t the official bottom for market structure.

They’ve been quiet. Just imagine if they announce anything. Like anything at all.

There are lot of upper targets for ONT for this alt season – but particularly look at all of the confluence at about $2.80. I have targets reaching as high as 8 bucks. It could even go higher than that if they aren’t so quiet the rest of the year.

It may be a slow burn, but there is low risk and high reward for your money here with this beautiful setup!!!!