woof woof DOGECOIN

Why not? There is a buy right now. This coin is very volatile and has been accumulating for awhile. BINANCE:DOGEUSDT

What if you could buy a crypto coin and stake it to earn interests like bonds or dividends like a stock, but way better. Wise is the first cripto with proof of value because Wise is backed up by ETH. Do you remember when the USD was backed up by Gold? It’s the same principle. I’m telling you because Wise is a new crypto coin to be launched soon on Nov 11th and it is at the pre sale now. You can buy the coin, stake it (only after dec 31st 00:00 GMT ) and earn daily $ where you can withdraw from your Metamask account everyday without penalty as long as you have your principal staked to wise.
It’s a very nice idea. And you get to trade this coin from inside of your ledger. Even stake it from inside of your ledger. And if you get one of those crypto cards like Blockcard and find a crypto coin to give you $ daily you can withdraw you get to transfer from your Metamask to your debit visa crypto card and pay your bills. So it doesn’t matter if there is a credit freeze or not bc you have became you own central bank . Protect your assets, protect your family.

Enjoy buying ETH at a lower price like now so you can buy more wise later and stake it.

The moment you stake wise at dec 31st it you get wise shares. If you decide to stake it for 1 year or 5 years, please honor your word so you can gain interests everyday because Wise will grow from inflation and from the penalties people pay because they want to close the stake too early before due time.
Zero money goes to the wise team. 90% of the money from the Wise pre sale goes to the liquidity provider. 10% they will use to pay the programmers and get you a 70% refund gas fees from the ethereum network.

Here is what you need to get Wise:
1. You have to download metamask (it’s available on app store or google play store)
2. You have to go to the WISE website (described on my signature) and connect to your metamask to get 10% bonus in ETH reserving WISE (I reserved > 50 eth in WISE)
3. You have to get ETH somewhere in a crypto exchange like Binance etc
4. Go to uniswap to trade eth or other erc20 coin for wise https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurr…
*IMPORTANT* calculate the price you have in ETH minus gas (fees you have to pay) then you have to reserve wise and make sure you EDIT the gas fees.
5. Set the gas fees to 20-30 gwei (or whatever low value it’s showing on etherscan gas tracker) and don’t touch the gas limit. You have to check the website https://etherscan.io/gastracker to see the low-average of the transactions to set this number properly.
6. You can accelerate the buying if you want to you just have to pay more and click on your metamask (not on the wise’s website) and ACTIVITY > contract interaction > accelerate. But waiting 5-10min is ok.
7. Even if you don’t have money you can create your referral link and find people who want to invest on Wise. Your link allow you to earn 10% when staking WISE. Make sure you use only official websites.
8. If you go to the Wise’s website you can click on referrals and see your referrals updated automatically.
9. You will receive 10% commissions paid to you according to the total amount of money you refer to the WISE contract using your link (EX refer 100 ETH and get 10 ETH worth paid to you). This is for serious referrers only, so there is a 50 ETH minimum combined referrals in order to qualify. don’t have the clout? Refer at least 1 ETH total and you will receive a friends and family bonus of 0.05 ETH.
10 I reserved more than 50 ETH in Wise so use my referral link to invest in WISE bc you gets an extra 10% extra shares when staking. How cool is that? I bought wise at 0.03 ! I love this coin. No red candles on daily yet lol.
11.Always edit your gas to pay less taxes in the ethereum network!
12. Pls check my signature.