LINK – 4h. Local growth by 30%.

What is interesting about this range? It is in this liquid zone that sellers were able to stop the growth of the LINKUSDT price on January 16 and organize a correction with a target of $17.12. Therefore, keeping buyers in this range will prove their strength and ambition to continue to grow LINK with the first short-term target of $28-29.

At the moment, sellers are unable to control the critical range of $22.3-23.2. In addition, on January 27, the Chainlink market showed strength, not reacting strongly to the fall in the price of BTC
If the price of bitcoin approached the previous local low, LINK buyers did not allow such a luxury.

Given the high probability of completion of the BTC price correction and continued growth to $38000 -40000, LINK market growth is very likely.

An alternative scenario will take effect after fixing the price below $22.3-23.2. In this case, we will expect to retest the range of $17-18

P.S. here is our global idea on the linkusdt:

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