So this is one of the biggest Shitcoin in cryptospace !Pump and Dump. Project with 100++ Billions of coins!
so i bought like 150 bucks of NPXS around 0.00015$ , it’s like 1 000 000 of NPXS lol.
Today it started to pump lmao.

So what i advice if u are bit like me and like to bet in dangerous zones 😀
Buy now 50$ of NPSX and just HODL it. when bullrun will start this shitcoin could follow and rush more.

if you buy now 50$, and it goes to target u will win like 2300%++, so u will transform 50$ in 1200$.
if you buy more you will get more.

if this coin die you will lose 50$ only, like to lose a dinner in restaurant for 2 peoples! so it worth the risk!

i am not your personal advisor so i suggest and you decide!!! be wise!

Happy Tr4Ding !!!