XRP has raised its head and Money Man has noticed the effects of uncertainty and doubt, as to tradability of XRP, has played out on the chart. Even getting the previous Green Target 4. Make no mistake; the higher the risks … you guessed it, the higher the possible rewards. Is this the shorts closing their positions or is this subtle but knowledgeable buying bringing the price up? We are all under only six degrees of separation in this world and there will always be somebody or people who know more than you about something crucial. They might not mean to, but they will influence somebody with their knowledge.

Conclusion: Warning: High Octane, High Risk. XRP is bound to wick all over the place, on news, so this is only for those with a good idea as to what they will do when – and not on the news, but on the chart. Very Important to me: Please like if you appreciate the effort, Please comment and develop this further, and Please follow if you see this analysis thread going somewhere you would like to know about.