This is the 1HR Chart for Ethereum . When XRP hit .60cents I rolled into 90 % of my XRP Porfolio into Ethereum at $680 as there was rumours about the SEC fiasco. BTC had already passed its ATHs and was sitting around $26K on Dec 26th, 2020. Ethereum should be trading around $3000 USD for BTC current price of $37K. There should be lots of room to grow. We need to pass my RED Resistance ATHs of $1400 ( I know it may have reach $1600 on certain exchanges). Once we can consolidate over $1400 I think our next target should be around $1800 -$2000. I think there can be a retracement here at some point for example if we reach $1750 it can come back down to our $1450 price level. But as the shorts start to put pressure on BTC , lots of winners are gonna be rolling their BTC into ETH as the chart demands further increase in price. Be sure to pay attention to Ethereum’s All Time High Price to see if we get rejected or if the rainbow continues to go Up before the slide down. Cheers Boyz and Girlz.

Sovietunion Out!