Honestly, the rapid growth of DOTUSDT surprised even us)
It took less than a week for the previous idea to work out for all targets and make +60%.

And now an interesting situation emerges, because the aggression of purchases does not fade, you can look for the purpose of fixing longs above.

If you are the lucky one who still holds the DOT long, then the top target for fixing the DOTUSD long is $12.20-12.50. But don’t forget to keep a short stop, don’t give your profit to the market.

If you want to move in long +/- with the current price, then you have to calculate your risk on the trade and stop on the deposit so that it was a little below $8.6. It is with this mark that someone is now actively buying DOT, leaving big shadows on the chart.
Fixing the price below this mark will mean that DOT is sold out and no one will drive the price up. Accordingly, we will have nothing to do in the DOTUSDT long and wait in the drawdowns.
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