Ok here we go :

1st way to look at BTC /USD : here we will simply take a look at the orange trendline we’ve been following for the last 2 years now.
If we believe the trend will stay valid for quite some time to come, when BTC takes a needed correction, price shouldn’t move much lower than 18k usd.
Give or take ofcourse, it could aswel be 20.000 because it’s a magic number, you get the point. So moving from 18-20k to +50k in dec 2021 ?
This is what i consider the 1st possible way to look at BTCUSD right now.

2nd way : not much explanation needed, we will use the much visited green 10k line, which as you can see has turned from resistance to support and vice versa many times in the past.
A huge psychological figure ofcourse, 10k. Will this be the level we revisit in case 20k doesn”t hold? So from 10k to +50k in dec 2021?

Ooorrrrrrr will it be the 3rd way, here we use the “supermagical-everyonegetstoberich” purple 3k line and the 8 ( or 9 haha) purple circles.
The story of the 8 (or 9 haha) purple circles goes like this :

Circle 1 : “Hey Joe!” Ever heard about BTC? Here,take 1000BTC for 1000$
Ok, i will, says Joe and he now owns 1000 BTC .

Circle 2 : “Hey Joe!” BTC reached 1000$, you’re a millionaire!
Great! says Joe, i’ll sell half my stock but keep the other half because i believe in the potential of BTC!

Circle 3 : “Hey Joe!” BTC reached 3000, you became a millionaire again!
Great! says Joe, but i’ll sell at 5000, it’ll reach that number because heck, since we’re at 3000 already, why not make it 5000, it’s such a beautiful number and it’ll satisfy peoples

Some time later btc reached 5000, Joe sold, AND BOUGHT BACK AT 3000.

—–> BTC 3000? YES
BTC 5000? NO ! and back to 3000

Circle 4 : “Hey Joe!” BTC reached 20.000, you became a billionaire !
Great! says Joe, sold all his BTC because :

because circle 5 : he’ll buy back at 3000

——> BTC 3000? YES
——> BTC 20000? NO! and back to 3000

Circle 6 : Joe sold at 13.000k and guess what??!!!

Circle 7 : he bought back at 3000 !!

——-> BTC 3000? YES
13000? NO! and back to 3000

Circle 8 : Here we are 27-28k (possibly 30k next days?) , and Joe is here too, selling his btc to buy back at cirlce 9? WHY NOT!?!?

Thank you for reading, let me know which way you think it’ll be in 2021, and pls be kind, this is the very 1st thing i post here.

Happy hollidays everyone!