I waited and carefully followed Ripple in the first weeks of 2021.
Pressure on a cryptocurrency by governments means creating taxes and government control. The cryptocurrency campaign, under pressure from Ripple investors ($ 14 billion), will surely try their best in court and in government lobbying with the new president in the new year.
Also, this is not the first time that SEC has entered into an alliance with cryptocurrency. The story of cryptocurrency EOS or Black.One Company, as well as kik cryptocurrency platform, which was solved in other ways.
Also, if you look closely at the charts of the volume of capital inflows and outflows to Ripple, you will notice the attention of risky investors who entered the Ripple market with about $ 4 billion after the Ripple market volume fell to $ 10 billion.
So I look closely at Ripple’s movement and reaction in the first week of 2021.