The “formation” of the strong resistance

Here we are going to track a live example of BTC putting in a major high which will probably last into Q1 2022. My models are taking note of the outflows which are far from easy to spot: in the endgame of a swing, it takes A LOT of energy to crack resistance, the whole business involves activity.

Think of the set-up in the early game as methodical and peaceful, operations this late in the swing are volatile and noisy. There are no sign of sellers across the entire tradingview platform, fortunately we can send a handful of troops forward here in advance and outguess the ceiling. Always start contrarian positions off small… and when it starts working, go massive!

Let me explain this by means of s speculation system

🛠 Start small and leverage winners – from one brick build a house

Reverse engineer the retail blow ups! Start with a core unit, when it starts to pay, and the drivers are working, you can add some more. Treat it like a business!

In this leg, sharp sellers are in clear possession of control as long as the highs are holding and by the apparently primitive aggression from buyers we have a unique window of opportunity (*sounding like Klaus Schwab here*) to convert that control into a deep retracement. The moves from the collapse in public sector confidence via covid are starting to look over stretched and with governments introducing their own digital currencies as early as January in Europe unfortunately we are running out of time to crack the highs.

On the H4 chart the flows can be seen clearly, penetrating $18,500 unlocks the floodgates and allows sellers to ‘go for a stroll’. The waterfall will be almost automatic due to the inferior firepower. Buyers are in danger of being crushed… watchout.

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