Here’s a visual of the scenario it’s in right now: it’s taking a breath, deciding which way it’s going to go in the next few hours. This is all dependent on what Bitcoin does (i.e. presuming BTC goes sideways a ittle longer).

You can see that I got in around 1.15 ETH. Although I came in to the party late, this may still have some run in it. I’m going to leave 2 COVER in my wallet and watch this play out. My guess, as you can see on the chart, is that if COVER goes up closer to the green-dotted vertical line, then the party’s still on. If it starts taking it’s time, no matter which way it breaks, it’s likely lost some of it’s current Momentum. Time will tell.

I would expect this whole scene to take place in the next several hours. Sorry if this reaches you late.

Interested to hear about any of these altcoin patterns that you’re seeing unfold, the lower-market-cap coins, especially. 😎👍