In the time frame, the excite to buy in at 16750 to rally with the bulls at the buyers gate and scream at them, was worth the move cause if to retreat from failing to take the 20k throne, some spoils for the fight would have been gained. The morale of the bull soldiers is in question, should be high morale as they are set up camp at the moment at 1000$ away from the throne. From the 2 week march to the gate, they picked up support but the numbers did not include the ram research, which is why they only scream at the buyers on the first wave. The bear snipers keep readjusting their scopes to push back to the near stronghold of 16750.
So while they adjust their scope to hit targets at 18750 atm, bull generals got to decide in the cold season when they draw their power most if to not lose more soldiers for a retreat that could be at 16750 or all the way home, or go now with an untested ram instrument that can only be tried once more before definitely going home. Once the ram fails though, the sun would rise and destroy all the bases.
The likely outcome in this story is the retreat to the nearest support because it has more chances of that happening.

(My Average Unpro guess)
What is the support to retreat to? (16800)
Do you think generals would push without retreat and use sheer number force? (No, keep the late joiners revving)
What is the durability of the test ram if created? (Till 20 of December)
Is it time to rack up till next season? (2021 is not never, don’t have to be now)