Dear traders,

My previous 2 idea’s about XRPUSD happened with 100% accuracy. XRPUSD reached the 4.263 fibonacci extension resistance level , whereafter it retraced to 0.45-0.50, varying on the exchanges but following the expectations I had.

In a volatile market like cryptocurrencies, you need to have long periods of consolidation and bear markets (3 year bearmarket) and 30% corrections in order to have 150-300% bull runs.

The reason for my expectation of XRPUSD to reach 1.75-1.80 is that is has been following past fractals, these fractals point exactly to 1.75-1.80 as well as the fibonacci extension at 4.263 that reaches to 1.75-1.80. If we look at the 2017 bull run, we can see that this has been a support level after the retracement from ATH .

I am just speculating, I don’t have a glass ball which tells me which direction the price is heading but my expectations are that XRPUSD will hit 1.75-1.80.

Trade or buy at your own risk!
PS: yes I do expect BTCUSD to break it’s ATH’s as well.