Bitcoin Next Stop is


Bitcoin loves to make fast pumps and dumps?! 🙂

From what we see this year, bitcoin making good moves and returns from crypto sectors is pretty high. But if you falled in fresh defi coins at the top in August/September, you are probably facing hard surge in you account. But don’t give up. Prices of defi coins will not back to ATHs, but Bitcoin

Bitcoin can back to ATH … And so far Bitcoin gives more stable yearly income than any other shitcoins on the market. So if you planning to invest for next year, well for sure you have to buy bitcoin each month during dips for your investment plan.

Speaking about current price action: I have noticed very interesting fractal which appears in parabolic curve:

So what I expect from it?
Price action near 12600 and 13800 for at least next two weeks. Then sudden pump to 15000$ +++ zones.

Please make sure you following risk management, and not trying to guess you wins/losses. Stay tuned and have good profits!
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