XRP.USDT (Y20.P4.E2).Macro.TA.For those interested


For those who are still interested in XRP, good news. Just to let you know, I’m not as there are many better charts out there.
Having said that, here is what I see on the Macro level.

Key points to take away:
> Major 3 year resistance trend line broken and the restest look confirmed (look at the inverted chart below as it makes more sense);
> It found support on the 0.5 fib level which had confluence with the trend line retest;
> Weekly 21 EMA acting as support; 21 and 50 EMA crossed over (green and black);
> The inverted chart below shows us that the 0.5 fib is strong support;
> Phoeix indicator is on the bullish side, the RED RSI moving above 50% will be the sign your looking for;
> The other indicators WT and Stochastic are looking to turn upwards, above 0 and the other 50%, not quit there yet;

All in all, looks promising for XRP fans.


Weekly inverse chart:

Note EMA’s