NEO.USDT (Y20.P4.E1).Reversal area


Many of the Alts have created a reversal bottom and NEO seems lagging behind but doing similar formation.
Its pullback is very deep, back were it started from.
Trying to find the reversal structure is obviously a bigger risk but better returns.
I’m also aware of the BTC price action which can drop a little more as per my post, but i don’t see that happening quickly.
Also note yesterday was a BTC dominance day where many ALTS dropped price, today they can start reversing as well.

My strategy,
Looking at the 4 hrly (2 hrs left to close) and 8 hrly chart for a bullish candle combinationsetup;
Check the smaller time period to see an entry level;
Place a small order. If it gets to be correct, follow up with another order which offsets any potential losses by the profit gained by the first order;
Place a stop as per chart;

Lets see how this one goes.