BTC – analytics of price movement! Looking to the future!


Greetings to all cryptomaniacs!
Let’s analyze the BTC price movement and analyze further expectations from the market!
The price moved within the ascending channel , in a five-wave growth structure, which ended in a corrective structure of the ABC movement. The price did not reach the lower expected level of wave C – 11155 and stopped at the lower border of the locally ascending channel . After completing the level 11361 and 11313.
If the level of 11313 and the lower border of the channel do not hold the selling pressure, the price will drop to the level of 11155. This movement will be within the continuation of the correctional structure in wave C and does not cancel the further upward movement.

What’s next? The trend is upward! We trade with the trend! Trend is your best friend!
Now the price is forming the first upward impulse of the price movement in the third wave. The levels of the third wave are marked in lilac on the chart. It is also necessary to pay attention to the passage of the level 11701. At this level, the upper border of the ascending channel , the average border of the locally ascending channel and the level converge. Also, for the time period, it is expected to reach the level of Hai June 2019 13764 by the end of October 2020. followed by its breakdown.
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