Last chance to catch Bancor!


Bancor’s price in USD is rising very strong today.
Inverse head and shoulders formation has occurred.

EngineeringRobo has given strong buy signals at least a week ago.
I was waiting for MA50 and $1.20 resistance to break.
I am also hoping to see MA20xMA50 cross soon.

Now, I think buying from anywhere over $1.20 will be profitable.
Price is very volatile right now. I will wait for the next candle.
I hope that it will give another buy opportunity around $1.20-$1.25.

My target is $2.50. I will take profit at $2.13 which is a strong support level .
After it reaches at $2.13, it will decide its next move. If it keeps rising I will be in.
After I purchased it, I will be watching EngineeringRobo for any sell signals.