LINKUSD, Great Structural Alignement, Pointing To Continuations!

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Welcome to this update-analysis where we are looking at LINKUSD 4-hour timeframe perspective, the recent events, the confirmations occurred, the next outcomes to be expected and how to possibly handle the situation. As mentioned in previous analysis LINKUSD was forming this clean bull-flag above the already confirmed descending-wedge-formation and now LINKUSD has finished the coherent wave-count within this bull-flag properly with the last wave determining into the suggested blue support which was the origin of this great breakout above the upper boundary and complete confirmation as a bull-flag, if you did not watch this analysis already I highly recommend it to watch to have a full-depth-overview. Now as LINKUSD has shown up with these important confirmations and price-action there are some more alignments we should consider in this structure.

Breakout And Outlooks:
As you can watch in my chart LINKUSD just formed this clean breakout above the upper boundary, now this price-action fully activated the upside targets which LINKUSD has at the 12.9 level marked in my chart with the green lines, also this price-action activated the proper entry setup on the 1-hour timeframe as the move above the boundary was important. The next times a possible smaller pull-back can be considered where LINKUSD allocates anew and then furthers with its uptrend to reach the targets, when the targets are reached it has to be elevated if LINKUSD manages to move higher from there or firstly forms a pullback to visit lower levels, overall it is important to note that a bullish continuation on the middle-term is not out of sight here as LINKUSD has already established this solid bullish structure.

In this manner, thank you for watching, good day my friends, and support for more market insight.
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