Overview: Could Bitcoin have Coronavirus dump?


In this analysis, in Weekly and Daily I want to share you a good strategy to invest in Bitcoin . That is my Daily timeframe , and the key of the trend where the Bitcoin is leading!!!

Well, there’s not words. Bitcoin in Daily have the possibility to leadign a favor of the bear market again and we could to begin the new trend, becuase if we see in weekly, our maximum of this year was $12,428 USD, and then, this strategy is based in supply and demand , that mean that Bitcoin is right now in the strong supply and we could see a possible drop on two levels: $9,000 USD or $6,900 USD as possible target profit!!! My own target profit it’s $9,000 USD, becuase the $9,000 USD is the key support important that Bitcoin don’t can to losses it, if in case that Bitcoin is go below of $9,000 USD, we culd extend a possible correction until the $6,900 USD as another point!!!

And that is it!!! At the moment, I continue in short position until the $9,000 USD as my own target profit, that is a percent value of 16% that Bitcoin need to down until the $9,000 USD.

Also, I want to get here my resource if you want to know why this happen. That work for you as support your clear idea if you have any doubts:

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOsl79zq…
2. https://twitter.com/harisonhbn9718/statu…

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