Without a technical outlook your missing 50% of your trade……


Just wanted to show a simple approach to understanding you don’t need a lot a shenanigan’s to understand what the F is going on. Just a sweet technical outlook, mixed with the fundamentals for a long term outlook. You should be styling my friends…. Considering there is still a CME gap around the 9,600 range, I would not be surprised to see a pump then retracement to around the 9600 levels to fill the CME gap before the next big push. Either way got to wait to see what the charts say for the short term. For the long term BTC blow off top I think we can see a range of 100k to 500k by Dec 2021 based on the fundamentals. Knowledge & Patience is what pays! Make sure you don’t take my word for it tho because I am not a Financial Advisor. Do your own DD . Thanks!