NWCUSDT Triangle about to break, strong bullish momentum ahead!


NewsCrypto extended its consolidation this week within its Triangle, as the whole crypto market is under a relative pressure. NWC though is still doing better than most of the market and in fact I see a strong bullish momentum building up as the Triangle is about to break.

** Technical Analysis **
For the time the price is trading within this Triangle, it is clear how the Pitchfork and Pitchfan have set Resistance levels on their respective 1 and 0.5 levels. The sequence shows that if the Lower Highs trend-line of the Triangle breaks, the price should test in succession the Pitchfan’s median, 0.5 and 1 levels. Those align fairly well with the Pitchfork’s median, 0.5 and 1 levels around at 0.2550, 0.3000 and 0.3600 respectively. These are my targets within a 20 day horizon.

** Fundamental Analysis **
Excellent news from the fundamental area too, as the NWC Mobile Wallet is now available on Google Play. The wallet allows users to initiate $NWC transfers, monitor price performance, and control their portfolio on the go. V2.0 is already under development with many new features. Check their twitter page for more information on that matter.

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