LINK.USDT (Y20.P4.E5).TA.Entry level is here


This is a continuation of my previous LINK.USDT post, link supplied below.

On my last post for LINK, you will note in the last entry in the update section, I entered this chart and the green zone, as part of the weekly support level . A good level/zone to re-accumulate.
Unfortunately I didn’t get filled at $7.20 price as my bottom but I did get filled at $7.45. We will see if this was the bottom for LINK in the coming days.
For now, people would more likely short LINK and many of the ALTs as there are plenty of opportunities, if I have time, I will post which ones I have done and still looking at.
I do have BTC .dom to go up a little further but one can’t be so confident what that means for some of the ALTs.

With LINK, I’m going to accumulate to going long.
It might drop further more but as they say, no risk no reward.
If you look at the RSI on this chart, it does support my thesis.

At this point, I can’t see a deeper pullback at this point, but one never knows.

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The SHORTING opportunities were given. Hence why I have shorting at this latest level but its likely to be a reversal pattern stemming from this.