Time to Long ! Massive Gains coming really soon !


Xrp is in a critical spot and any buy between 0.22c and 22.8c should be good as the current price is howering between 22.9 and 23c at time of writing and considering btc to go down lower say , 9.6k to fill the cap or somewhere between 9.0 and 10k region , we can consider xrp to fall with it in the 22c region which should a good spot to accumulate for the wave 5 and we can expect gains above 50% depending on the fomo
If xrp falls below 22c and does not come back to the 22-24c region consider this forcast as invalid

Disclaimer : Do not buy any crypto with my advise , always do your own research before buying and this chart and the info is for educational purpose only !