$BTC Scalping the Waves, Signals & Levels explored #Crypto #BTC


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I’m currently into swing/intra-day trading. I like to trade using the 21 & 210 Moving Averages as guides, as well as using RSI Divergence and Fib Re-Tracement for determining significant S&R Levels

I also love to look deeper into fractals and repeating patterns.
It’s fascinating how there’s always intelligent sacred numbers present through nature & especially the markets.

I combine short, mid, and long-term perspectives to formulate a complete understanding and plan for my trading/investing.

I maintain an unbiased professional attitude; I’m always scanning for any signal in any direction.

And of course I stay up-to-date on the Fundamentals of the Cryptocurrencies & DeFi projects that seem interesting. Overall I am invested long-term Fundamentally above all else.
New world, new currency & technology.

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